Hey, my name's Cat! 

Welcome to Alt Anthro, I hope you stay awhile.

But this isn't my CV...

I started this website because I felt like the work I was doing was entirely disconnected from the causes and the people I set out to help. 

I felt slowed down by corporate politics.

I felt disconnected from community.

I felt discouraged and stressed.

Hey, my name's Cat!

For me, clothing is a key form of self-expression - and I have found ways to honor that creativity without fast fashion.

I am an outdoors woman and yogi - and I am able to invest in quality gear without harming the planet.

I have family and friends all over the globe - and I know how to lessen my impact without sacrificing travel.

Oh, and most importantly, I want to make this lifestyle fun and accessible to everyone. 

So yes to terrible puns, yes to mental healthy awareness, yes to GIFs, yes to acceptance and love for all walks of life, and finally yes to humbly continuing to learn.

I am still learning, but if you'd like to walk with me, I can be your guide.