Sustainable Instagram Fashion
Sustainable Instagram Fashion

10 Instagram Accounts Promoting Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

Green your Feed - Part 2

The fashion industry is in desperate need of a green makeover

We all love a good deal.

I used to be a regular in the sales section of my favorite mainstream stores back in high school when I was working with babysitting money to purchase a whole new school year’s worth of clothes – which, by the way, is a strange concept in itself. Why were we taught that we need an entirely new wardrobe each year?

Yes, kids are growing, but that might mean buying a new pair of jeans – not replacing everything.

Anyway, this kind of embedded throw-away culture drilled into our young minds is exactly the issue.

Demand for in-season, trendy outfits encourages us to consume more low-quality, low-price pieces. Yet, the fashion industry is all too quick to indulge customers with cheap clothing that falls apart after a few uses because it means those same customers will have to quickly return to replace the items they just bought.

It keeps consumers trapped in a cycle of dissatisfaction and overconsumption and the only true winner is the brand’s CEO. 

But let’s talk about the real losers in this overconsumption game: producers and the planet.

Fast Fashion Facts:

  • An overwhelming majority (93%) of large fashion brands surveyed in 2020 do not pay their garment workers a living wage.
  • The textile industry contributes more to climate change than international flights and shipping combined
  • The average American throws away 81 lbs of clothing yearly
  • Byproducts of clothing manufacturing are responsible for 1/5th of industrial water pollution
  • 3 out of every 5 clothing items will end up in the landfill

Source: Good on You

Fashion and Social Influence

It’s no mystery that social platforms have immense power to motivate people to act.

Our feeds can easily be flooded with beautiful, fashionable people who never wear the same outfit twice and encourage us to buy the newest and trendiest pieces.

But, these glamorous influencers are sent clothes for free. They have overflowing closets filled with items they can never wear again. They sport extravagant, bold designs for a couple of photos – but they throw on a pair of old jeans to go grocery shopping just like the rest of us.

Keep in mind that this is their job.

You are under no obligation to spend as much time, money, or energy on fashion as them.

So I’ll say it again: social platforms have immense power to motivate people to act.

Just as these lavishly dressed influencers have the power to nudge you in the direction of fast fashion, sustainable clothing advocates have the ability to ground us in reality and re-center us with our mission to lessen our impact on the earth.

These folks proudly repeat outfits, they style fully-thrifted outfits that rival brand-name looks, and most importantly, they only promote brands that are doing right by their workers and the planet.

The following are 10 accounts that inspire me to tread lightly on the earth while continuing to evolve and honor my self-expression through clothing.

If you want to harness the incredible motivational powers of social media for good, I highly recommend giving them a follow. Just click the images to check them out!

@thatcurlytopSustainable Instagram Fashion

@diandramarizetSustainable Instagram Fashion


Sustainable Instagram Fashion


Sustainable Instagram Fashion


Sustainable Instagram Fashion


Sustainable Instagram Fashion


Sustainable Fashion Instagram


Sustainable Fashion Instagram


Sustainable Fashion Instagram


Sustainable Fashion Instagram

As always, this is absolutely not a comprehensive list, these are just 10 accounts that I personally enjoy. Go show them some love and contribute to the causes they support! If you have other account recommendations I’d love to hear them in the comments!

Your sustainable lifestyle coach,

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10 instagrams promoting sustainability in the fashion industy