Sustainable Toilet Paper Options

Wipe Away the Eco Guilt

Wipe away your eco guilt with sustainable toilet paper

Everyone poops.

Do y’all remember that children’s book or was that a fever dream I had? Real or not, the message is indisputable.

Everyone poops but the environmental impact of that fact of life isn’t equal among all nations.

In the U.S. we’re not exactly conservative with our wiping habits. In fact, the average American household uses 409 rolls of toilet paper every single year.

Now, you may be thinking that’s a price you’re willing to pay for a clean behind, but here’s why you need to be particularly considerate of your choice in toilet paper…

Sh*t talking the toilet paper industry

According to The Issue with Tissue, a report by the NRDC and, most of the large toilet paper companies promote a direct “tree-to-toilet pipeline”.

The report points out that much of the wood pulp used for the US market is sourced by clear-cutting old-growth trees like those in Canada’s boreal forest.

Here’s a glimpse at the value this forest holds before it’s ripped from the ground and sent down our sewer systems.

The boreal forest is:

  • The largest intact forest in the world (for now)
  • A vital habitat to some of Canada’s most prized species
  • Home to over 600 Indigenous communities and of immense cultural importance
  • A massive natural carbon sink (meaning it stores carbon and helps clean the air of pollution)

So you see, the boreal forest has more important things to be doing than helping you wipe.

What, as environmentally conscious individuals, are we supposed to do then?

Just kidding. If that happens, please contact your doctor.

There’s are two incredibly accessible ways to avoid sending virgin trees down your drain – so accessible, in fact, that they’re both available on Amazon!

Sustainable Toilet Paper Options

There are a few ways to green your toilet routine – you could switch to a bidet, purchase some reusable cloth toilet wipes (you read that correctly – reusable), or stick to the familiar roll option made out of either bamboo or recycled paper!

I personally don’t have cloth wipe experience nor can I afford a bidet, so for this list, we’re sticking to a switch that I think everyone’s behind can get behind: bamboo and recycled paper.

Of course, you can reach for any 100% recycled paper or bamboo options that fit your budget.

However, provided below are brands that were either given a grade A score by the NRDC or I’ve researched and trust to use myself.

I like to stick to brands that are making sustainability efforts company-wide rather than simply coming out with one line of recycled TP and then continuing to clear cut forests.

That’s called greenwashing and it doesn’t deserve your green.

As a heads up, among the brands that received a rating of D or F without exception are Cottonelle, Scott, Charmin, Kirkland Signature, Angel Soft, Quilted Northern, and Up & Up.

Recycled Toilet Paper Options

Recycled paper gives a second life to paper products that were already put into circulation, saving TP companies from having to cut down virgin trees to meet demand.

Bamboo Toilet Paper Options

Bamboo is an extremely fast-growing plant needing very few resources to grow.

Final Thoughts

While recycled paper is great for now, it reinforces our reliance on trees for toilet tissue. That’s why I personally think bamboo will be the way to wipe in the future. Especially organic if you can find it – you can never be too careful with what you’re using around your most sensitive areas!

I hope this helped you decide on a sustainable TP option, let me know in the comments which brand you’ll be trying out!

We all deserve some peace of mind so we can get back to our regular bathroom routines… tacos not recommended.

Your sustainable lifestyle coach,

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